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Fresh Sausages

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There is hunting in heaven, Sleep safe till tomorrow."

William Carlos Williams
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JameWelcome to our Comox Valley, Vancouver Island family owned and operated Wild Game Custom Cutting and Smoking facility!

As a hunting family for over 40 years, we truly have grown a passion for excellence when it comes to Wild Game Custom Meat Cutting, Smoking and Fresh Sausages.
*Venison * Moose* Elk* Bear* Cougar
* Wild Goat *Wild Duck* Turkey* Grouse*

Fresh SausagesHartley and Chelsey, Butcher and Sausage Maker are the perfect team.

Harts knife skills from working in high end kitchens for 12 years paid off to our customers in a big way. Chelsey’s is always in the Spice Pantry preparing new and wonderful flavours to offer up on the menu while she and her staff grinds, spices, makes sausages, wraps and sends them out the front door to hungry patrons.

Both Father (James) and Son (Hartley) are amazing in the Smokehouse as they continue to produce smoker load after smoker load of pure goodness. This all comes with no surprise because both have very high standards when it comes the food we prepare for our community. Fresh, healthy, and tasting fabulous is at the fore front of our agenda.

Group at Fat MooseBut here it goes one step further.

I want to make sure that our customers get the accolades they deserve. This has been a great year for hunting and the game coming in for processing, has come in beautifully field dressed and meticulously clean. That is what creates a beautiful and honored bounty to take home. Congrats!

Cutting Wild GameDanielle Fynn popped into The Fat Moose this past year and did not leave. She brings with her tons of experience, a fabulous energy and a passion common amongst all of us here at Fat Moose.

Cutting Fat moose Vancouver Island

Fat Moose will be attending the “ Flavour “ Festival in September at Coastal Black in Black Creek again in September. This is one of the most spectacular culinary events in the Valley no family should miss.

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